Inside you'll find The Breakfast mini — a smaller version of your favourite The Breakfast for 1 person.

What's inside MINI-BREAKFAST

Each delivery is unique and the breakfast is varied. So you'll never get the same sets of The Breakfast mini.

◆ Warm morning dish in an airtight container.
◆ Aromatic pastries: croissants and Belgian waffles (gluten-free option available)
◆ Yoghurt, natural or with fruit filling (there is an option "lactose-free")
◆ Chocolate spread, natural salted caramel or bee honey for that crunchy baguette
◆ Chocolate or classic granola
◆ Portion of vitamins: farm vegetables, fresh fruits and berries
◆ Drip coffee, Mariage Frères tea and a functional drink such as matcha or mushroom latte to boost your mood all day
◆ Compliment. For example, porcelain dishes.

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Tune in!
It doesn't matter if you dance, sing or shake your head to these tracks. The main thing is to be yourself, enjoy The Breakfast in the morning and energize for new achievements.
Have a good weekend!
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