Hi there!
We've prepared a perfect weekend breakfast for you in a magic box. Everything is ready for your gastronomic and aesthetic pleasure.
Enjoy The Breakfast!
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The Breakfast

Collaboration of morning taste and aesthetics in a magic box.
Breakfast with no special reason, but with special emotions.
somewhere in Paris in a white rustling bed the fragrance of lush croissants and fresh berries wakes you up…
We wanted a sense of travel, taste and aesthetics
to be regardless of any location. So we came up with a weekend breakfast in bed. With the support of friends, brands, and inspiring people we created our cozy project with a modest name — The Breakfast. A box containing morning gastronomic pleasure and aesthetics, magic and love of life.
We put it all together
for you to wake up languidly at home, meet a courier, open the box and feel special for no special reason.
I wanted to make something that would embody my love to the romance of morning routine. It fills your everyday breakfast with gastronomy and hedonism, it lets you feel love to yourself and the taste of life. This is where we come from.

If you have any questions, you can always reach me personally via email hello@thebreakfast.ru with a tag "for Marina".

Hugs with love to you and your weekend!

Marina Durmanova created and inspired The Breakfast
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